Get local

How the current K-12 proposed budget affects your school district:

Your local schools are directly affected by the state's K-12 budget. The Governor's proposed budget for 2017-2019 is nearly 15% below the national average for K-12 funding. It is likely to translate to cuts to programs, services or instruction time for many school districts.

Many of dreams Oregonians shared through the Oregon Rising survey will not be possible without a greater commitment to schools. See how your district may be affected and then contact your legislators and share your thoughts about support for education.

Impacts by School District:

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Gather locally

Oregon Rising is coordinating meetings across the state to discuss the local impacts of the proposed budget. Each district will determine how to address cuts based on current programs and community needs. Join in the conversation now and learn why cuts are likely, and what you can do to help. Each session will end with an optional activity that will help you contact your elected officials with your thoughts on K-12 education in Oregon.

Meetings in your area: