Achieve the Dreams

Oregon Rising is a coalition of people united in the effort to define Oregon K-12 public schools for our young people, and to reach those dreams.

We began our efforts in 2016 when we held community meetings and fielded a survey that asked Oregonians from all walks of life to describe their dreams for our student’s education. We were overwhelmed with the number of responses we received. We had no idea that so many people would take time out of their busy days to describe in detail what they want for our students to experience in school.

Dreamers united
The other thing that surprised us was how unified we were in our dreaming. Across the state, people of all ages and backgrounds agreed that Oregon students need:

  1. Smaller class sizes – in order to allow for more personal attention and support.
  2. Broader class offerings – including art, music, foreign language, CTE, AP, STEM and PE.
  3. Updated resources – including curriculum and technology.

Oregonians defined success by:

  1. An education that better prepares students for life after high school.
  2. Improved graduation rates – through student engagement and learning.

You can read the Quick Report and Full Report of our findings, here.

How you can help
Join us as we continue our efforts to make these dreams possible. Follow along as we share information about successful programs, innovative ideas for student success, and news about Oregon’s education system.

Oregon Rising is not a membership organization, and we do not fundraise. We simply ask that you help spread the word and that when we ask, you add your voice and help spread the news.

Be sure you are signed up for eNews and following us on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where you’ll find the bulk of our day-to-day discussions and information. We’re happy you are part of the conversation.