99% of More than 10,000 Oregonians Agree:

Good Schools Matter to Oregon's Future.

The first Oregon Rising outreach has closed. More than 10,000 Oregonians took the survey, attended a gathering or shared their vision of education in Oregon. We are grateful for the thoughtful responses and participation we received.

The results are being tallied, but here’s one we think says a lot: 99.66% say good schools are somewhat or very important to the future of our state. Specifically, 96.27% said "very important” and 3.39% “somewhat important". (Note this is based on results as of June 10, 2016 with 10,291 respondents.)

We’ll be reporting the results of our findings in the fall of 2016. If you’d like to receive information about our findings, be sure to provide us with your email.

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My dream for Oregon's students is...

"Schools that are filled with children asking questions, mostly "why?"

– Kate, Stayton

Where We’ve Been

Oregon Rising has big goals and you’re an important part of them. If you’re new to the project, or just checking in, learn where we’ve been and where we’re going, here.

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State of Schools

When it comes to schools, we all draw from the experiences we've had as students, parents and community members. Yet the education landscape in Oregon is completely different than it was even for those who graduated as recently as five or ten years ago.

Learn more about the state of Oregon schools by watching this short video. And if you like to get into greater detail, we've assembled a library of articles and research about education in Oregon and across the nation. Dive in.

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My dream for Oregon's students is...

"A place where every student can find what they're looking for."

– Ron, Eugene

About the Project

Oregon Rising is unusual. It’s not a watchdog group, it’s not partisan, and it’s not a PAC. It’s not related to a ballot or bond measure. There’s no agenda besides the gathering of dreams about what Oregon schools should be, and then, working to transform your dreams to Oregon's reality. The effort is sponsored by Oregon educators, teachers, leaders, superintendents, and school boards. The effort is funded by the memberships of these groups, not by school districts or the state. Learn more.

About the Project

My dream for Oregon's students is...

"Schools where children are encouraged to experience, to envision, to explore, to evolve, to emerge."

– Amy, Joseph

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Be part of the conversation. Our mission is to collect and share the visions of people from all walks of life, from all parts of Oregon and with diverse backgrounds. But we won’t stop there. Next, we want to make Oregon's dreams a reality. If you are interested in helping, stay tuned.

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