Oregon Education Cuts

The proposed Oregon education budget means more cuts.

Oregon Education Pieces

Larger class sizes.

Oregon class sizes are already the 3rd largest in the nation.

Fact: Oregonians list smaller class sizes as a priority.

Elimination of programs and electives.

Programs are already so thin they can’t withstand more cuts.

Fact: Oregonians want more options for students, not fewer.

Fewer days in school.

Oregon students already receive nearly a year less of instruction time over the course of their K-12 years, when compared to the national average.

Fact: Instruction time relates directly to success and graduation rates.

Our students can’t wait any longer.

Students need a high-quality education now. Ask your legislators to better prioritize K-12 funding.

Nothing has more impact on our kids’ — or our state’s — future.

Fact: There’s simply nothing left to cut without direct harm to our students and Oregon’s future.

Tell your legislator to fund our schools now.

Fund Our Schools

It has been 27 years since Oregon began to roll back education funding (Measure 5). Now two generations have faced a deteriorating education system without a solution.

The proposed education budget continues this trend by offering even more cuts, and students are suffering.

Oregonians want an education that provides smaller class sizes and a restoration of programs and electives, but this budget falls short.

Oregon’s funding per student is 39th in the nation, putting us near the bottom. There is nothing left to cut and everything to lose. It’s time to fund a quality education for our students.


Another generation of Oregon children can’t wait.

Tell your legislators to fund our schools now!

What Oregonians Really Want

We asked Oregonians to describe their dreams for Oregon’s children. More than 10,000 people participated One thing was clear: They want more, not less.

What Oregon Said